rss feed 29 May 2009 : European Cup Winners

  Season UEFA Cup Cup Winners Cup European Cup Super Cup IC Cup  
  1955-1956 - - Real Madrid - -  
  1956-1957 - - Real Madrid - -  
  1957-1958 Barcelona - Real Madrid - -  
  1958-1959 - - Real Madrid - -  
  1959-1960 Barcelona - Real Madrid - Real Madrid  
  1960-1961 Roma Fiorentina Benfica - Penarol  
  1961-1962 Valencia Atletico Madrid Benfica - Santos  
  1962-1963 Valencia Tottenham Milan - Santos  
  1963-1964 Zaragoza Sporting Inter - Inter  
  1964-1965 Ferencvaros West Ham Inter - Inter  
  1965-1966 Barcelona Dortmund Real Madrid - Penarol  
  1966-1967 Dynamo Zagreb Bayern Munich Celtic - Racing Club  
  1967-1968 Leeds Milan Manchester United - Estudiantes  
  1968-1969 Newcastle Bratislava Milan - Milan  
  1969-1970 Arsenal Man City Feyenoord - Feyenoord  
  1970-1971 Leeds Chelsea Ajax - Nacional  
  1971-1972 Tottenham Rangers Ajax Ajax Ajax  
  1972-1973 Liverpool Milan Ajax Ajax Independiente  
  1973-1974 Feyenoord Magdeburg Bayern Munich - Atletico Madrid  
  1974-1975 Moenchengladbach Dynamo Kiev Bayern Munich Dynamo Kyiv -  
  1975-1976 Liverpool Anderlecht Bayern Munich Anderlecht Bayern Munich  
  1976-1977 Juventus Hamburg Liverpool Liverpool Boca Juniors  
  1977-1978 PSV Anderlecht Liverpool Anderlecht -  
  1978-1979 Moenchengladbach Barcelona Nottingham Forest Nottingham Forest Olympia  
  1979-1980 Eintracht Frankfurt Valencia Nottingham Forest Valenica Nacional  
  1980-1981 Ipswich Dynamo Tblisi Liverpool - Flamengo  
  1981-1982 IFK Gotemburg Barcelona Aston Villa Aston Villa Penarol  
  1982-1983 Anderlecht Aberdeen Hamburg Aberdeen Gremio  
  1983-1984 Tottenham Juventus Liverpool Juventus Independiente  
  1984-1985 Real Madrid Everton Juventus - Juventus  
  1985-1986 Real Madrid Dynamo Kiev Steaua Bucarest Steau Bucharest River Plate  
  1986-1987 IFK Gotemburg Ajax Porto Porto Porto  
  1987-1988 Leverkusen Mechelen PSV Mechelen Nacional  
  1988-1989 Napoli Barcelona Milan Milan Milan  
  1989-1990 Juventus Sampdoria Milan Milan Milan  
  1990-1991 Inter Manchester United Red Star Manchester United Red Star  
  1991-1992 Ajax Werder Bremen Barcelona Barcelona Sao Paulo  
  1992-1993 Juventus Parma Marseille Parma Sao Paulo  
  1993-1994 Inter Arsenal Milan Milan Velez Sarsfield  
  1994-1995 Parma Zaragoza Ajax Ajax Ajax  
  1995-1996 Bayern Munich PSG Juventus Juventus Juventus  
  1996-1997 Schalke Barcelona Dortmund Barcelona Dortmund  
  1997-1998 Inter Chelsea Real Madrid Chelsea Real Madrid  
  1998-1999 Parma Lazio Manchester United Lazio Manchester United  
  1999-2000 Galatasaray - Real Madrid Galatasaray Boca Juniors  
  2000-2001 Liverpool - Bayern Munich Liverpool Bayern Munich  
  2001-2002 Feyenoord - Real Madrid Real Madrid Real Madrid  
  2002-2003 Porto - Milan Milan Boca Juniors  
  2003-2004 Valencia - Porto Valencia Porto  
  2004-2005 CSKA Moscow - Liverpool Liverpool Sao Paulo  
  2005-2006 Sevilla - Barcelona Sevilla Internacional  
  2006-2007 Sevilla - Milan Milan Milan  
  2007-2008 Zenit St Petersburg - Manchester United Zenit St Petersburg Manchester United  
  2008-2009 Shakhtar Donetsk - Barcelona      


Real Madrid hold the record for most European Cup wins (9)

Barcelona hold the record for most Cup Winners Cup wins (4)

Milan have won more officially recognised international titles (18) than any other club in history

In 1972 Ajax become the first club to win the European Cup and the subsequent competitions i.e. the European Super Cup and Intercontinental Cup. A feat repeated by Porto in 1987, Ajax again in 1995, Juventus in 1996 and Milan in 2007

Milan are the only club to win the 'Grandslam' in successive seasons - 1989 and 1990

Ajax are the only club to win every competition they entered in a season. In the 1971-1972 season they won the domestic league and cup, European Cup, European Super Cup and Intercontinental Cup

The beaten European Cup finalists represented Europe in the Intercontinental Cup in 1971, 1973, 1974, 1977, 1979 and 1994

Atletico Madrid are the only European Cup runners-up to have won the Intercontinental Cup (1974)

The record between the European Champions and South American Champions is 22-19 in Europe's favour. The overall record stands at 24-23 in South America's favour

Ernst Happel and Ottmar Hitzfeld are the only coaches to win European Cups with different clubs. Austria's Happel guided Feyenoord to European glory in 1970 and Hamburg in 1983. Germany's Otmmar Hitzfeld won the cup with Dortmund in 1997 and Bayern Munich in 2001.

Italy's World Cup winning coach Marcello Lippi holds the dubious honour of losing successive European Cup finals with Juventus in 1997, 1998 and 2003.